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Our pianos are displayed in two different locations, both under 5 minutes from the Mall of Emirates. Our Grand Pianos are kept in a private villa showroom in Al Barsha and our Upright Pianos are kept in our facility in Al Quoz 3. When you are ready to schedule a viewing appointment at your convenience, we will send you a location map.

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Call us for Advice:  

        +971 4 556 5723

About Grand Pianos

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Grand Pianos are the pinnacle of acoustic pianos. Ranging from 180 cm – 270 cm in length, they produce a balanced tone that is more ‘true’ than their baby grand and upright piano relations. Grand pianos offer very wide dynamic range, a deeper bass and rich mid register. Longer keys for greater leverage result in a further refinement in touch. 270 cm grand pianos are ‘concert grands’ which are built for concert halls and will be too loud for a domestic environment. 150 cm – 200 cm are the most popular sizes of grand piano for the home, small halls, music colleges and recording studios.


I want an upright for my children who have just started playing the piano!
You should consider buying something that retains its value and functions properly so as to not subconsciously discourage them from learning. We always have a selection of new and used pianos Average upright price 10,000 AED – 25,000 AED
Often times we have Used Pianos so feel free to set up a viewing appointment to come take a look.
I want a Grand piano to compliment my furniture!
Perhaps you want a bespoke piece or perhaps it is more about colour scheme – Grand pianos range in price from 25,000 AED – 1,000,000 AED. Give us some specifics and we will give you some options.
I want a good quality Steinway & Sons Grand Piano
We have many Steinway pianos in our inventory. Original condition, Restored condition or 6 months old condition. Expect to pay 100,000 AED+
I am a piano player/musician and I want to buy a good quality grand piano!
We have options for you. It doesn’t have to be 100,000 AED – we have well regulated, excellent condition pianos for sale. Call us to arrange a visit.

Grand Pianos come in many brands, models, sizes and colours. Whether it is an Art Case Steinway or a Polished Ebony Yamaha – there is an option for any pre-determined budget. New or used, there will always be a piano out there that will exceed your expectations. With Newfound Pianos, warranty is always provided and satisfied customers are our best form of referrals. You will inevitably have many questions and we are happy to answer any one of them. The process can simply begin with you .

Baby Grand Pianos are visually stunning instruments that are highly desirable. Usually between 140 cm – 180 cm, baby grands are very easy to accomodate. The tone of a baby grand is delicate and ideally suited to a medium size living space. Whilst the bass is usually less full than a tall upright, the upper mid and treble sections are often very smooth, melodic and more rounded than uprights. The baby grand piano provides the player with a more repsonsive and articulate touch (faster playing) through the roller grand action, which is far superior than upright piano actions.

Decorative or Special Order Pianos
A piano will always be more than just a decorative piece of art but that might be exactly what you are looking for. At Newfound Pianos, we are capable of finding the piece of art you are looking for. Perhaps you want a White Grand Piano or a piano with an ornate and decorative cabinet. Through our international partnerships, we can offer you the latest available models and brands. From Beautifully refurbished grand pianos to rare player pianos – Our selection will always include something right for you.
Furthermore, Newfound Pianos provides the option to install recording, silent, and auto-play features on most of our pianos. We can equip any piano with a state of the art Piano Player System, that is controlled from your phone or computer and comes with a vast library of music.

About Baby Grand Pianos

About Newfound Pianos

Our Company is dedicated to providing you, the customer, with the best piano selection available today. We take pride in having a wide variety of makes, models, colours and sizes of pianos that are all prepared for sale. Each piano is thoroughly inspected before sale and it is sold to you with a 5 year comprehensive warranty, delivery anywhere in the UAE, 1 Free Tuning and a matching Bench”. You can find out much more by coming to visit our pianos and we’d love to have you come by.
The brands we commonly acquire would include:
  • Steinway & Sons
  • Bechstein
  • Bosendorfer
  • Yamaha
  • Kawai
  • Pearl River

Grand Pianos

Baby Grand Pianos

Upright Pianos, Player Pianos

+971 4 556 5723

Quality Upright & Grand Pianos since 2003

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